The Launch of Race Debrief.

The Launch of Race Debrief.
Photo by Michal Wojcik / Unsplash

I'd like to announce Race Debrief, a F1 News Website that I created, for the Formula 1 community. Here's the first article: The Mexico City GP Weekend Review. (

The paddock has its own controversies. The engineers race against time and resources to make the fastest car they can, to exploit, to gain any competitive advantage. The drivers push themselves to their limit every weekend, trying to outscore their teammate and everyone else on the grid. These are stories worth telling.

The Problem

I respect the stalwarts of F1 Journalism, and their work was really inspiring to me. However, they're businesses with targets for authors. Every single small piece of news, every single line interview is covered as its own article. They have to cover every story, every rumor as it breaks, as that is how the business works. Since media is a business driven by clicks, the most incendiary or non-representative vague headlines are the only ones that can work. That is how the internet works.

I don't even need to emphasize the increase in toxicity in this sport's community this year. Across Reddit, Twitter and Instagram, the sheer amount of hate is unfathomable. I do not enjoy that, as it can often take away from valuable discourse. Even with the recent Ted-Max incident, people started spamming hate on Ted's accounts, which is quite contrary to what Max said about the issue in press conferences. Our target should be to reduce hate.

There also tends to be some patriotism in a media outlet towards drivers and teams from their own nation, and that is a valid sentiment. However, F1 is a global sport and often, the coverage finds itself a tad too biased, which takes away from the fun.


Race Debrief is intended to only, for the time being, cover F1 stories in their entirety, without any bias. F1 is rich with many stories and I believe we can cover them well. I do not wish to use incendiary titles, excerpts that speak about the race out of context. There is a niche for stories told calmly and with passion. While we're limited to F1 right now, we'd love to expand to other forms of motorsport in the future.

The website is non-commercialized. There is no revenue being generated right now, and if we plan to do so in the future, it will only be through memberships, not ads, to strictly meet operational costs and scale the platform. There is no user data being collected now, and if we ever launch a newsletter and memberships, clicks will be the only metric we'll collect.

Bug Reports

This website uses a self hosted instance of with a customised version of the Ruby Theme, so if you face any issues, please report them in the comments.

If you've read till here, thank you. For me, this is just a creative outlet of my passion for the sport, but I believe many in this community share the same passion for the sport, and desire quality journalism. I'm burning money on this project simply out of my interest for the sport. I'd appreciate your support if you could share this.


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